Nelson Rangell - Saxophonist, Flutist, Recording Artist

I'm happy you've come to my website. As times change I think sites like this will be more and more important as an element for musicians and artists to directly reach and interact with their fans and everyone within the interested public. Even for an often complacent, LP spinning, CD playing, boom box owning, ancient school person like myself this is reality, and it's a great thing. I hope my site will better enable me to make my music much more readily available to the public worldwide than radio or any other medium has offered in recent years. That's a very encouraging thing. I think the internet can help artists in their efforts to present a broader sampling of their work and all kinds of music we simply believe in without any other pressures or narrow criterion to meet. That's exciting. I think it might help the musician and the audience (re)connect with a positive energy that inspires dynamic music and that's great for everyone.

I've been doing a lot of playing and traveling. I've continued to meet a lot of audiences and individuals along the way. I am more sure than ever that for all that is different from place to place, and for all the different things people are going through, within people there are many essential constants in need of being nourished and fortified. Music is one of the best tonics for our soul and is a reminder of the thread of our common humanity. Recording in this day and age has a lot of challenges. The marketplace and the mechanisms within it can be complicated and often cynical. So, I feel that a direct experience for people visiting my site is more important than ever.

While I'm looking forward to recording a new CD I hope the site will help me stay in touch with you all in a more consistent way than ever before. This is a time with changing terrain and a lot of new challenges for a great many people, not just artists and musicians. But it is also a hopeful and exciting time and that is what we all have to put our energy into. Thanks for checking out my music and the site. I hope very much to get a chance to play for you. It's one of my very favorite things to do.